Tails to Trails

Nuzzled from morning indecision by an eager whine,
polite, with play-bow; and those eyes….
Such eyes of expectation met mine, and held them
in faith and hopeful love of common things-
How can I resist my friends invite to a walk!

With some effort, feet found boots,
arms took sweater and wind-breaker,
head took hat, and hands, gloves.
And, don’t forget a 6’ leash!
My friend’s anticipation carried us to the Trail-Head.

First out, we brush fall frost from leaved grasses.
I sight migrating flocks; he is scenting unseen things-
Pulling me, loosening muscle, to limb, together, striding.
In no time, my “trainer” has me at a cardio level!
My weak excuses and funk are just tracks behind.

I forget myself in his dancing exuberance.
He is all alive, sensing life and wonder to share.
We see, much more, and better, through a friend’s gaze.
How glad I am, again, he has gotten me out!
This brief half hour is well invested!

We turn now, heading back, too soon it seems;
so sorry I cannot go farther-
but this invigoration and its treasures
will renew and replay all day, and beyond
The Trail, outdoor air and pet’s companionship.

Excursions to wild-tinged places renews,
sweetens drab days as I recall writings of Muir,
Leopold, Whitman, Richard Dorer, Muggs Townsend.
Their words and works, with so many unnamed,
preserved woods and wetlands where, now, new trails lead!

We know these excursions take us further than we know…
to Connections we can only have in a partnering.
These “Tail Waggers” so wonderfully beckon us explore,
to savor, together, our priceless outdoor heritage.
“So then, when can we go out again, together?”

Rodney James Spidahl 04-27-2018

About rspidahl

Pastor/Learner/Faith/Public Speaker/Writer/Futurist/Strategist/Activator
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