Politics, Slander and Appeal

Answers from Psalm 7

I was not aware that stress can be a major contributor to cataract onset.  Lack of fluids, not drinking enough water, affects eye health. Dehydration leads to susceptibility to colds and other complications for our bodies. We are 60% fluid; brain and heart, 73% but we can also be 100% immersed in anxiety, worry and the stresses of life.  The Psalms do not pretend, nor placate but allow full human expression of pain while inviting us to imitate the right response to the wrong sides of human nature, expressed.

In Psalm 7, we find one suffering under persecution stress—likely slander. Note the metaphor, “lion”. Feel the inner turmoil of “tear me to pieces” and, “no one to rescue”. Sense the anguish knowing the betrayer is a former ally. They turned on this “friend” due to a difference in convictions.  Sounds too much like politics in polling season! But, circumstances can throw any of us under the bus at the most unsuspecting times.

The Psalmist takes to the airwaves of prayer rather than broadcasting and appeals to God and LORD, Most High. Curiously, this word for God is first used in Abraham’s encounter with a “king of righteousness” (Melchizedek) in the city called “Peace” (Salem) before in is Jerusalem.  Most fascinating for me, as a student of cultures, is the specification of “God (LORD) Most High” is originally a Canaanite word for the God that is “Over All”—and Abraham picks up this word from Melchizedek and uses it as his word to describe the universal and personal work of The LORD, Yahweh (Hebrew).

The setting and appeal of the prayer for deliverance, for inner assurance and larger community awareness is one that assembles all peoples everywhere under one.  This El Elyon is the Most High Power and Appeal, regardless of religious, political affiliation or cultural variations or specific languages. Fair play, good and evil motives are not only “seen” by the Most High but an appeal to God Most High really does bring deliverance. What goes around, comes around, cannot be avoided. Yet both the one asking and the one accused of doing wrong stand under a standard of right-way-of-dealing that is universal with truths that are self-evident to the fair-minded.

Nutrition and self-care are full-orbed and we all need help to be turned to what gives strength to our bones and healing to body and soul—The God who sees, cares and acts, never early or late, but right on time.

A “thank you God” is offered, even before the pain is relieved or justice brought because faith is “the substance of what is rightly hoped for” and “the evidence of what is not yet seen”. Praise be to the God Most High, over all, who is truly a refuge and deliverer to all that call upon Him in truth.

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