Adult Theological Education

A Lilly Faculty paper by Dr. Rod Spidahl on the integration of faith and learning in a Christian College in three aspects: 1. How could Trinitarian theology affect the philosophy and role(s) assigned to learning in community—especially in areas of goals, structures, best practices and assessment?  2. How might the way we teach about the Bible—its larger informing story or narrative—impact our students’ worldviews and subsequently, their understanding of vocation?  3. How can a theology of cross and incarnation inform the way we value and integrate various aspects of the learning context, particularly experiential and service learning?

The educational vision of the college is “NWC desires to prepare students, who will:

  • Trust, Love, and Worship God
  • Engage Ideas
  • Connect Knowledge and Experience
  • Respond to God’s Call

Please read and share your thoughts on this paper: Applied Theology in Conversation with a Vision for Learning. 


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